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10 Reasons to Enrol in Social Enterprise Bootcamp

10 Reasons to Enrol in Social Enterprise Bootcamp

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Posted 14/08/20

Social Enterprise Bootcamp is a lot like you might imagine: an intense training experience for social entrepreneurs to turn their dream of a socially-beneficial business into a workable plan to bring impact to their communities.

We’re not going to lie: It’s hard work. But it ABSOLUTELY gets results.

Is it worth your while to register for our next Bootcamp (beginning September 9, 2020)?

Consider the following 10 reasons to enrol in Social Enterprise Bootcamp:


1. You’ll build a feasibility study for your social enterprise concept as you go.

SE Bootcamp has been designed to be as practical and results-oriented as possible. Every minute you spend in a workshop session or doing independent learning is a little more information you will apply to your feasibility study (which, at the end of Bootcamp, you can use as a foundation to begin seeking funding for your social enterprise)!


Source: Thomson Reuters Foundation

2. Canada is the best place in the world to start a Social Enterprise. Empirically.

In 2019, the Thomson Reuters Foundation published a global survey of the world’s 45 biggest economies that named Canada “the best country for social entrepreneurs” based on such criteria as government support, public understanding, and access to investment.


3. Bootcamp starts in September and wraps up before the Holidays.

If you’re an entrepreneur with a good idea for a socially-impactful business, you do not want to wait around to make it happen (neither, for that matter, do the communities that will benefit from your social enterprise)! SE Bootcamp condenses a lot of work and learning into 10 workshop sessions held over 12 weeks, so you can have a solid feasibility plan in-hand before the New Year!


4. You’ll get practice pitching your idea to investors.

Life is neither a shark’s tank or a dragon’s den—your prospective funders expect a professional, well-thought-out, and poised presentation to make a case for your business. In the final session of SE Bootcamp, you’ll practice pitching your idea to experts who will provide invaluable feedback and build your confidence for the real thing!

Anna Bubel (Photo by Paul Swanson of Avenue Magazine)

5. Your Bootcamp instructor is a veteran social entrepreneur.

We are pleased to welcome back as instructor for the Fall 2020 Bootcamp Anna Bubel of Another Way, an Edmonton consulting firm that specializes in Community Economic Development (CED). Besides having taught Social Enterprise at University Level, Anna has pioneered two different social enterprises, and she has a lot of advice to impart based on her experiences.

Hear more about the Bootcamp experience from Anna herself in this five-minute video!


6. You’ll get a lot of support in your studies.

SE Bootcamp cohorts are small by design: While you learn and work, you’ll be able to call on your instructor, your fellow participants, and Bootcamp alumni for advice and expertise. You’ll also network with current and future leaders in Edmonton’s growing social enterprise community, so the value of your Bootcamp experience will last for years after your last session!

Earth Group is an Edmonton-born social enterprise success story.
Photo by Margeaux Maron (Global News)

7. Social Enterprises create impact without being dependent on donations and gifts.

According to the the Canadian Social Enterprise Guide, “non-profits and charities continue to be faced with the pressure to diversify or raise their own revenues due to significant changes in the government’s role in providing social and other services.” A social enterprise could be your chance to future-proof your goals for community economic development!


8. SE Bootcamp Fall 2020 is completely online.

This past Spring, the Edmonton Community Development Company began delivering SE Bootcamp through Zoom. We’ll continue to deliver Bootcamp online this Fall, so you can learn, study, and network from the comfort and safety of your own home.


9. Social Enterprises contribute to healthy and sustainable communities.

Also from the the Canadian Social Enterprise Guide: “[T]here are many areas where social enterprises are positively impacting healthy and sustainable communities,” including environmental issues, economic revitalization, reducing poverty, integrating immigrants, and developing social and cultural capital.


10. Our free Intro to Social Enterprise  will help you decide if Bootcamp is right for you.

If you’re still not sure if SE Bootcamp is right for you (or if you’re not even totally clear on the concept of social enterprise), the Edmonton CDC has developed a one-hour, FREE online Introduction to Social Enterprise that provides an overview of the tenets of social entrepreneurship. It also includes a self-assessment tool that will help you decide if you’re ready yet to enrol in SE Bootcamp. Shop around: you cannot beat that price!



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