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Yearly Archives: 2018

What is “People First Community Development”?

The Edmonton CDC is committed to People First Community Development, which means we are committed to People First

Rethinking Homeless Shelters

There has been a lot of press lately about homeless people camping in the river valley. You can read a few articles... More>

Artist Views on ArtsCommon 118

As part of our community engagement activities regarding ArtsCommon 118, we undertook two focus groups with 18 Artists.... More>

Tired of Litter and Garbage in Your Neighbourhood ? There’s An App For That!

Most weekday mornings I like to go for a walk along Jasper Avenue (east side) or down a set of stairs to Rowland Road... More>

Living Wage IN a Livable Economy

In Edmonton, approximately 140,000 workers are identified as low income earners (earning below $16.31 per hour),... More>

What We Heard

This report compiles the feedback from those who attended the ArtsCommon 118 Community Party and Engagement Event on... More>

ArtsCommon 118 Community Engagement

The vision for ArtsCommon 118 has roots going back nearly 10 years, beginning with significant community engagement led... More>

Moneyball in McCauley: Using Analytics to Inform Potential Investment Decisions

You may recall the film “Moneyball” where Brad Pitt played Billy Beane, the General Manager for the Oakland A’s... More>

as Community Strategy

In my first three months as the executive director of the Edmonton Community Development Company, I estimate I have had... More>

Automobile-Centric Development
and Parking Requirements

Strong Towns is an American movement that a colleague turned me on to the other day,  and it is not only a provocative... More>

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