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Artist Views on ArtsCommon 118

Artist Views on ArtsCommon 118

Category Community Development
Posted 16/11/18

As part of our community engagement activities regarding ArtsCommon 118, we undertook two focus groups with 18 Artists. Fourteen filled out an assessment form that asked for their “happiness” ranking on 10 key program elements of the project. In aggregate for all ten elements, the happiness rate was 79%; 19% offered “neutral” rankings and only 2% of rankings denoted “sadness”.

Artists were affirming of the project but some were uncertain if the size of lofts were big enough and if the parking spaces were sufficient.

Please take a look yourself: Artist Focus Groups – REPORT-FINAL

More focus groups are taking place before year’s end and will be reported on. If you want to review reports of large engagement events about ArtsCommon 118 click HERE.

Check out what Randall Fraser has to say.

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