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ArtsCommon 118 Community Engagement

ArtsCommon 118 Community Engagement

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Posted 10/09/18

The vision for ArtsCommon 118 has roots going back nearly 10 years, beginning with significant community engagement led by Arts on the Avenue and Arts Habitat Edmonton, involving hundreds of community stakeholders who shared their ideas, needs, and aspirations for the kind of community hub we are now designing and working hard to make feasible, and that blends together functionality while adding to the aesthetics of the area.

In those engagement sessions, the community clearly said:

·         Build affordable space along Alberta Avenue.

·         Build on our brand of an Arts & Culture District.

·         Fill the empty set of lots with people – living, working, creating.

·         Make a vibrant and sustainable place where we can meet to live, create, and breathe life into the Avenue.

·         Help promote a more vibrant and holistic sense of community.

·         Create more spaces that will the benefit locals, and that will improve the sense of economic well-being.

·         Bring social revitalization to the Avenue.

Further community engagement is taking place between August-November 2018 to share the design and programming concepts that have been developed in response to previous engagement.

On August 29, Edmonton CDC and Arts on the Ave hosted an ArtsCommon 118 Community Party and Engagement Event on the land on which we intend to build. It was a rainy day but 120 residents and stakeholders showed up to view design concepts, make comments, ask questions and also enjoy live music and some free food. The report on this engagement will be published soon on the ECDC website.

Other engagements upcoming include focus groups with artists who may be interested in living, working, and marketing their creative wares; faith groups, immigrant serving groups, Indigenous People, and more.

All Edmonton CDC engagements will be documented and reported to the public via this website. Stay tuned.

Thanks to Katherine Kerr for her assistance with this blog posting.

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