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ECDC Social Enterprise Bootcamp

Turn your ideas into an actionable plan in just 10 weeks



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Does solving a pressing social or environmental problem light your fire? Keep you up at night? Have you ever thought of using a business model to make a difference? If yes, you might just be a social entrepreneur.

According to the Canadian Social Entrepreneur Foundation, “A social entrepreneur is someone who recognizes a social problem and uses entrepreneurial principles to organize, create, manage a venture to make social change.”

Who should attend the Bootcamp?

Anyone who wants to create or expand an actionable social purpose business idea that addresses an issue they care deeply about.

That’s it.

No pre-requisites other than passion, curiosity and willingness to work hard.

How does it work?

The Social Enterprise Bootcamp helps people and organizations that want to test their social enterprise ideas. The focus is on participation and action learning so that you leave the program with the in-depth knowledge and confidence to steer your own ship.

Working in a collaborative environment, you’ll develop all the pieces for testing the feasibility of your social enterprise idea, including work-shopping your ideas for social change, conducting market research, and building financial models to determine whether or not you should proceed with a formal business plan. You will leave with a clear framework and the tools needed to evaluate and develop a sustainable social enterprise. In addition to class time, you will also receive one on one coaching to discuss your particular project in greater detail and receive personalized feedback.

What will we be doing?

::  Understanding the key features of Social Enterprise and where it fits along the Charity-Private Business Continuum

::  Learning about social enterprise responses to social and environmental issues around the world.

:: Analyzing case studies that demonstrate the benefits and limitations of Social Enterprises.

:: Assessing social enterprise ideas against minimum specifications.

:: Executing primary and secondary research to understand your product or service and its fit in the market.

:: Identifying key operational and market drivers that affect your chances of success.

:: Understanding legal options for incorporation.

:: Developing a financial model for your project.

:: Confirming what it takes for an SE to be “bankable”.

:: Experiencing Inspiring talks from expert guests speakers.

What will you leave with?

:: A clear sense of how social enterprises can and do tackle the issues you care about

:: Better connection to the SE community in Edmonton, including SE financing options

:: Clear understanding of whether your idea will achieve the mission, market, financial, and operational objectives you have set for yourself

:: Tools that help you plan and evaluate a social enterprise

:: A completed feasibility study that can be used as a basis for seeking financing/funding.

Video Resource: Mike Brady + Dion Drew: Hiring the unemployable

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