The Socio-Economic Costs of Edmonton’s Problem Properties

Quantifying the data to uncover the severity of derelict and problem properties By Erica Marie Edmonton’s core neighbourhoods have been suffering due to widespread derelict properties in their communities. It is difficult to fully comprehend the severity of a problem property without attaching a measurable value.    The Edmonton Community Development Company (ECDC) took on […]

Community Members Speak Out

The voices of those significantly impacted by problem properties By Erica Marie With their cry for help comes a sense of optimism. Alberta Avenue and McCauley residents spoke out at the community and public services committee meeting on the trauma and hardships neighbours face due to problem properties. Calling it a problem seems too light […]

What is Missing Middle Housing?

And how does it benefit mature communities? By Erica Marie In 2010, Daniel Parolek, founder of Opticos Design, coined “Missing Middle Housing.” This type of housing is described as multi-unit housing found in the ‘middle’ of single-family houses and mid-rise buildings. The concept gained popularity because it addresses the opportunities’ missing’ in the housing spectrum. […]

Pre-Sale Opportunities for Homes in Alberta Avenue and McCauley

An established community featuring mature trees, parks, and close proximity to Downtown By Erica Marie Don McKay has been active in the Edmonton area real estate market with Royal LePage for over 30 years. He is a Lifetime Member of the Top 1% of Realtors in Canada and is proud to be a part of […]

The True Essence of a Community: Cultivating Connection

Highlights of the City of Edmonton and the community member’s efforts in Alberta Avenue and McCauley By Erica Marie Alberta Avenue and McCauley are some of the oldest neighbourhoods in Edmonton. Inhabited by residents who are passionate about the success of their neighbourhood, the community members and the city of Edmonton work hard to preserve […]

Rebuilding Core Neighbourhoods Through Infill Development

A vital component in the growth of established communities By Erica Marie The appeal of mature neighbourhoods is their character and location. There is a lot of history and memories made in these communities that often get left behind. Infill development is a natural progression for older neighbourhoods and is essential in keeping these communities […]

Newly Acquired Property in Alberta Avenue

Project 10 is now on its 8th property By Erica Marie A shared aspiration of urban core neighbourhoods is to increase the housing market and attract more people to these areas. While Alberta Avenue sees a rise in new home builds, there are pockets of problems and derelict properties that still exist. The Edmonton Community […]

Organizations Creating a Significant Impact Within Communities

The History of Community Development Corporations By Erica Marie Poverty can feel like a never-ending cycle within low-income neighbourhoods as these communities face economic and social hardships. The lack of affordable quality housing and commercial investment in these areas discourage the prosperity and growth of the neighbourhood. What currently exists in these communities are absentee […]

The Piazza Update: Residents Passionate About Revitalizing Their Community

 Seeking tenants who want to grow their business in the heart of Little Italy. By Erica Marie The Piazza was a challenging venture that brought the residents of McCauley together to take ownership of a strip mall in the heart of Little Italy. Their desire to affect change was to resolve the drug trafficking, gambling, […]

The Importance of Community Engagement

the Importance Of Community Engagement How To Do Your Part In Shaping The Future Of Your Neighbourhood By Erica Marie When people buy a home, one of the factors they look at is the community. There are many facets that make up a great neighbourhood, such as the proximity to shopping centres and major highways, […]

The Team Behind the Social Change Initiatives of the Edmonton Community Development Company

The Team Behind the Social Change Initiatives of the Edmonton Community Development Company By Erica Marie The Edmonton Community Development Company (Edmonton CDC) was created in 2017 to address poverty by boosting economic development within communities. Their social change initiative, such as Project 10, is focused on real estate investments with the goal of purchasing […]