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McCauley Milestone

Category: Community Development, Category: Community Engagement, Category: McCauley
Posted by: Matt Steringa / September 25, 2020

Virtual Engagement forums mark a major leap forward in the recent history of the “Paskins Site”  The Edmonton Community Development Company recently held two online engagements to discuss development options for the Paskins site in McCauley. If you’re not familiar with the CDC’s work in this project, that sentence probably means very little to you;…

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Planning for Paskin: A short history of community-led development in McCauley

Category: Community Development, Category: McCauley
Posted by: Matt Steringa / August 17, 2020

In 2010, the City of Edmonton put a great deal of work and consideration into the McCauley Revitalization Strategy. Though this report detailed a strong vision based on community recommendations, little development has occurred in McCauley since. When the Edmonton Community Development Company began its work in 2017, the City of Edmonton donated to the…

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La Piazza seeks local, family-friendly mall tenants

Posted by: Matt Steringa / July 20, 2020

The Edmonton CDC is happy to play an ongoing role in the purchase and redevelopment of the Piazza strip mall by the McCauley Development Co-op. As you may have heard, the MDC formed in late 2019 and raised $1.1 million of community investments to purchase the Piazza in only 20 days. Today, the MDC is…

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Neighbourhood Opportunity Development Co-ops

Posted by: Mark Holmgren / September 05, 2019

One thing we have noticed in our community engagement work in neighbourhoods is how incredibly committed and passionate residents and local business owners are about the neighbourhoods in which they live, work, and play. People want to see development in their area of town that aligns with their collective aspirations and needs, and it is…

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Edmonton CDC Launches Engagement Consultancy

Category: ArtsCommon 118, Category: Community Engagement, Category: Fraser, Category: McCauley
Posted by: Mark Holmgren / March 26, 2019

The Edmonton CDC does not charge neighbourhoods for community engagement work on its projects, but there are groups who have inquired about us offering community engagement on a fee basis. We are already in discussions with a few groups interested in this assistance and we have decided to create this consultancy to bring our style…

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Community Engagement Matters

Category: Community Development, Category: Community Engagement, Category: Fraser, Category: McCauley
Posted by: Mark Holmgren / March 12, 2019

posting by Karen Gingras There are various strategies for involving people in land development and at the Edmonton Community Development Company, we are taking instruction from people who reside in neighbourhoods to create effective community engagement. For example, while data provides us with valuable information, understanding a neighbourhood’s history and culture is often best sourced…

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