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CDC’s Buy Local Initiative

CDC’s Buy Local Initiative

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When Matt, our Communications Officer, left the CDC to go into private practice, our impulse was to start looking for someone to fill that job and  expand upon  the good work that Matt had accomplished. Instead of jumping on that, we decided to explore a buy-local alternative to a full time position by contracting writers, graphic designers, a web master, and social media experts that live and work in urban core neighbourhoods.

Currently, we have identified someone to manage our website, a writer/editor, and a graphic artist and open to connecting with other local writers and graphic artists to work with us on various projects. If interested, write Mark Holmgren at and provide a bit of info about the services you provide.


We are looking for posts  (maximum 500-600 words) that celebrate your neighbourhood or block and/or posts that speak to your aspirations for the future of your neighbourhood.

A second blog series is about the major challenges and issues facing your neighbourhood and how you and your neighbours think they can be overcome.

We are looking for new writing and we do pay for the one-time rights to publish on our website and or in CDC publications about community and community development. We will pay $100.00 for a blog post up between 500 and 600 words. We are also open to photo-essays about your neighbourhood and artwork that fits the above mentioned “themes.”

If interested, please take a few moments to fill out this online form (it won’t take long) and we will get back to you.

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