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Edmonton CDC Launches Engagement Consultancy

Edmonton CDC Launches Engagement Consultancy

Posted by: Mark Holmgren / March 26, 2019

The Edmonton CDC does not charge neighbourhoods for community engagement work on its projects, but there are groups who have inquired about us offering community engagement on a fee basis.

We are already in discussions with a few groups interested in this assistance and we have decided to create this consultancy to bring our style and content of community engagement to the marketplace.

Our intention is to offer consulting services in three areas: Community Engagement, Plans and Studies, and Project Development Services. We are focusing first on Community Engagement.

Community Engagement refers to the many ways community residents and stakeholders work together to identify needs and aspirations, create local strategy, and engage with local government, housing and commercial developers to form and express both a formative and responsive voice about proposed capital, economic, and social developments. The Edmonton CDC offers the following services on a fixed fee basis for a project or a la carte.

  • Co-design and delivery of engagement goals, strategies, process, and practices;
  • Engagement of hard to reach populations (e.g. the homeless, persons with disabilities, street youth, and others);
  • Analysis, reporting and evaluation of engagement processes and programs;
  • Development of organizational engagement frameworks, policies and tools;
  • Training for community engagement; and
  • Facilitating functional specifications and design charettes.

In the future we hope to add the following:


  • Performance of feasibility studies inclusive of design concepts, program, space allocations, opinion of capital costs and operational proforma.
  • Co-creation of operational plans’ budgets for facilities based on market research and best practice proforma analysis.


  • Assistance with selecting an architectural firm and general contractor.
  • Serving as the client’s agent during the development permit through construction phase

To learn about the engagement we have done and will continue to do in Alberta Avenue (ArtsCommon 118) and in McCauley and Fraser, see our Projects section.

To find out more or to chat about possibilities, contact Mark Holmgren at mholmgren@edmontoncdc.org .

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