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Fraser HUBdates: August 2020

Fraser HUBdates: August 2020

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Posted 14/08/20

This Month: Much Ado About Hub Life

By Karen Gingras, Director of Neighbourhood Development at Edmonton CDC

The second session in the Fraser Community Hub integrated design process (IPD) is now complete!

Based on information gathered at the first design session, a digital 3D model was created so that Edmonton CDC, the Hub tenants, Chandos Construction, and Group 2 Architecture would be able to explore design options in real time.

We know that parking, height, and esthetics are important to the community, and given the programming requirements of the tenants, a design incorporating below-grade space was considered.


The above drawing was used to help us discuss design concepts (while this is not necessarily the design we will use, it helped the group conceptualize ideas we had discussed in the first session). And, it turns out, there is a lot to talk about!

Our group discussed considerations for:

  • the main entrance and lobby,
  • public washrooms,
  • information desk,
  • café seating,
  • kitchen,
  • storage,
  • office space,
  • display shelving,
  • gathering spaces,
  • basketball courts,
  • team rooms,
  • locker rooms,
  • equipment storage,
  • meeting rooms for tenants and community members,
  • accessible showers,
  • open climbing areas,
  • loading dock,
  • materials staging area,
  • recycling and waste holding area,
  • first aid room,
  • mechanical and electrical rooms,
  • underground parking, and
  • outdoor space within the building.


We also estimated building size, the amount of shared use space, and how best to enable the flow of people throughout this structure.

The schematic concept design and the 3D diagram were used to generate a preliminary project cost for the workshop—that was the beginning of The Tough Conversation.

A budget is rarely easy to discuss. But, everyone at the table understood how important it was to have an honest conversation around dollars and cents, and we now have a sense of realistic possibilities and constraints for the project.

The intention of these IPD sessions was to get to a high-level, best-case-scenario design, to estimate the cost (which comes to approximately $24 million), and then to start evolving the design within the budget so we get to a design that is affordable.

At the time of writing, we still have to consider what tenants can realistically pay for rent and operating costs, as well as the amount of equity we’ll need to obtain the financing to build.

Let the number crunching begin!

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