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Fraser HUBdates: June 2020

Fraser HUBdates: June 2020

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Posted 09/07/20

This Month: Introducing the Integrated Design Process

By Karen Gingras, Director of Neighbourhood Development at Edmonton CDC

Welcome to the first edition of Fraser HUBdates, a blog series from the Edmonton Community Development Company aimed at keeping friends and neighbours of the Fraser Community Hub project updated on the latest stages of development. 

Projects like the Fraser Hub depend on the expertise and input of many experts and community members like you. This month, we are focusing on how collaboration will inform the design of the development.  


When the project began several months ago, we at the CDC had a goal to find tenants that would be a good fit for the neighbourhood and for its vision to have a place to gather together.

While seeking tenants, we also researched how we could design a structure that would meet their business goals while also being affordable to build and operate.

Through that research, we learned about a process called integrated project delivery (IPD): a novel, collaborative approach to designing a building. In an IPD project, the owner, the architect, the general contractor, and trades all work together to plan and to share resources and risks during construction.

All parties eventually sign an agreement that binds everyone to a single contract. This contract outlines their role in the project, as well as their rights, obligations, liabilities, and responsibilities.


For a decent overview of IPD, check out this short video from Topic Simple.


We at the Edmonton CDC wanted to try something different with the concept of IPD – namely, to include in the design process future Hub tenants:

  • a rock-climbing gym operated by Peter Toth and Kristine McKay, two of four current owners of BLOCS,
  • Edmonton Youth Basketball Association,
  • and Fraser resident Shari Valentine (who will own and operate the Hub’s coffee shop).

With these tenants, as well as Group 2 Architects and Chandos Construction, we are currently launching a pre-IPD process to create a design that meets the needs of the tenants, the community, and Edmonton CDC.    

In preparation for the upcoming IPD, Group 2 has provided a series of questions for the tenants to help them explain their preferences and priorities.   

We expect to have a couple of halfday pre-IPD sessions with goals to reach consensus on the building design and to draft a highlevel construction budget (that said, this may take longer, given that we are meeting online due to COVID-19)   

The actual IPD process will take longer stillsince we’re new to this, we need to feel confident it will work for this project. Once we’ve completed the pre-IPD process, however, we will know if we can move forward with a fully-integrated project delivery contract.  

 Why did we choose the IPD process versus a more traditional approach to construction? Well, in part, itbecausthe traditional approach is… well, traditional. The Edmonton CDC wants to push the boundaries of design and construction, and IPD is a natural extension of the collaborative process that we used to conceptualize the community hub at the beginning of this project. 

We are hoping that throughout the design stage, we can cross-pollinate ideas and problem-solve so that the project team is inspired. A large part of this creativity will come from the input we’ve received during the public engagement process. 


Public engagement has become an essential part of the design process, according to Marc Kushner, partner at
New York-based architecture firm Hollwich Kushner and co-founding CEO of Architizer.


If you’d like to learn more about the IPD process, check out this guide written by the Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation 

And, if you’re interested in finding out more about other goings-on at the Edmonton Community Development Company, please follow us on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn! 

Thank you for your interest and support. We look forward to updating you in the coming months! 


Each month in Fraser HUBdates, we will share news about the stage we’re at in the process of design and construction. We’ll keep you in the loop about the progress being made, challenges we’ve faced, and what’s coming up next.  

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