A Bit of History


Over the years, establishing a Community Development Corporation (CDC) has been consistently recognized as a potential tool for community economic development in Edmonton. In 1976, the Edmonton Social Planning Council outlined how a CDC could foster growth by creating employment opportunities, goods and services, increasing income, and facilitating skills development.


In 1996, the Council proposed to create a CDC in the Boyle Street/McCauley Area Redevelopment Plan. Twenty years later, it was approved by the city as part of the Edmonton City Council’s deliberations on the 2016-2018 Supplemental Operating Budget Adjustment. A committee of community partners agreed on a proposal to create the Edmonton Community Development Company.


These funding businesses committed a business plan and financial support over five years. They are the Edmonton Community Foundation, Homeward Trust, Alberta Real Estate Foundation, Stollery Charitable Foundation, and the Alberta Capital Region United Way


The founding of the Edmonton Community Development Company began with the End, Poverty Edmonton Road Map, approved by the Council at the start of  2016. 


A national competition for the Edmonton CDC’s inaugural executive director commenced in the early Fall of 2017. The position was filled by Mark Holmgren, effective January 8, 2018.


In 2021 Mark Holmgren retired, and Karen Gingras was named Interim Executive Director. Soon after, in November of that year, Karen was appointed Executive Director of the Edmonton CDC.