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La Piazza seeks local, family-friendly mall tenants

La Piazza seeks local, family-friendly mall tenants

Posted by: Matt Steringa / July 20, 2020

The Edmonton CDC is happy to play an ongoing role in the purchase and redevelopment of the Piazza strip mall by the McCauley Development Co-op. As you may have heard, the MDC formed in late 2019 and raised $1.1 million of community investments to purchase the Piazza in only 20 days.

Today, the MDC is making plans to re-envision the six-outlet, 10,093-ft2 retail mall as a bright, appealing, family-friendly hub in the heart of Edmonton’s Little Italy neighbourhood.

As part of this pivotal process, the MDC is seeking locally-minded commercial and retail tenants to lease space in the Piazza. This is a particularly opportune time to lease space in the up-and-coming 95th street retail district, as new tenants will have a significant opportunity to contribute to the overall design of the building and its streetscape.

According to the Tenant Opportunities brochure for the Piazza, the MDC is looking to partner with “interesting, viable, family-friendly enterprises who are looking to add value and vitality to the community.” The brochure also highlights that, in this unusual time, the Coop is prepared to negotiate with prospective tenants to make their ventures viable.

Information on the project vision, the redesign, leasing specifics, pricing, and more are available in the brochure.

To contact the MDC directly, please email mdcthepiazza@gmail.com.

The Edmonton CDC thanks you for downloading, reading, and/or sharing this brochure with prospective local business owners who share the vision for a vibrant and exciting McCauley!

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