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Market Research re: ArtsCommon 118’s Black Box

Market Research re: ArtsCommon 118’s Black Box

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Posted 10/09/19

This summer, Edmonton CDC has been furthering its community engagement work for ArtsCommon 118 in the Alberta Avenue District – this time specifically with Edmonton’s performing community. A tip of the hat to Katherine Kerr for her work on this project.

The need for a performance venue has been at the heart of the community’s desire for ArtsCommon 118 for over 10 years. Back then,  Arts on the Ave used the empty Alberta Cycle Building in an ad-hoc way for art shows, festivals, and small performance and community events. It was a raw, unadorned space but worked in a pinch. AOTA and the community dreamed then of a renovation that would improve the facility with a better functioning black box within the warehouse. The community imagined something that could open to the lane to let the fun loose – so to speak!

Over the years as Alberta Ave District has lost performance venues, while the downtown and Old Strathcona areas have gained new venues. As plans for ArtsCommon 118 grew and evolved, it was the right time to re-examine what Edmonton’s performance community has and needs, to inform what could be a main stay of the future ArtsCommon 118.

In the summer, Edmonton CDC launched a Request for Expressions of interest (REOI) in a Black Box venue.

Despite summer not being the optimal time for an REOI process, the response was strong. We heard from festival, theatre, dance, music professionals and more, that Edmonton is needs a flexible black box venue, in particular in the Alberta Avenue District.

The attached summary report captures the input from many sources. Edmonton CDC is grateful for the passion and expertise shared through the survey and one-on-one conversations. Read on … Black Box Research Summary Report

Community engagement never stops.The EOI is still open! Make sure to fill it in and be part of making a venue that works!


See our Projects Page for more info about ArtsCommon 118 and other work the Edmonton CDC is involved with.


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