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About the Piazza Project

The McCauley Development Cooperative is a group of local residents and other people in Alberta who are investing in a potentially transformational community project in one of Edmonton’s oldest and most vibrant neighbourhoods. 

The site of what is currently a nondescript strip-mall in McCauley will, over the next several years, be re-imagined as “The Piazza,” a cornerstone of Little Italy and a bustling hub of curated retail offering old-world charm with a contemporary urban vibe.  

The Piazza is directly across from Giovanni Caboto Park, across the street from Zocalo and kittycorner from Sorrentino’s and the Italian Centre Shop.  

On November 30 2019, The Board of Directors of the MDC announced its success in collecting over $1 million in investments. The property purchase closes midJanuary and the Board will meet regularly to discuss executing their vision.  

The ultimate property owners of The Piazza are the member/owners of the McCauley Development Cooperative; each investor is eligible for one vote  at the annual general meeting and any other special meetings called by the Board. 

The Edmonton CDC is proud to partner with the MDC in this innovative and exciting example of grassroots, community-led development.   

Updates on the project will be posted to this page as they become available. You can also follow the MDC on facebookand twitter for more news about this initiative. 

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