The Piazza Plaza

The McCauley Development Cooperative (MDC)

The story of how the McCauley neighbourhood and Edmonton Community Development Company were able to raise 1.1 million dollars in six weeks by creating a community co-op to purchase and revitalize a problem strip mall. The community now owns and operates the strip mall through the Community Co-op.


The Edmonton CDC has been working with a neighbourhood design team (residents and business owners) to identify design concepts for our McCauley land on 95th Street and 106 Avenue.


The McCauley Design Team has finalized design concepts to showcase and to obtain feedback to aid in the decision on the final concept. Over the next few weeks, people will have the opportunity to provide feedback through an online survey and through two events to be announced.


We are seeking feedback on the concept sketches by  Emily Chu, a local graphic artist. The sketches are placeholders for the concepts; the actual structure may not resemble the sketch.


The concepts for the 95th St. and 106 Ave. the site (often referred to as the Paskins Site) include an urban hardware store serving the downtown core. The city of Edmonton’s 2019 census reports over 57,000 people living downtown and in nearby communities such as Oliver, Alberta Avenue and Boyle Street. There is a market to be served as Westmount is the location of the nearest hardware store.