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The Edmonton CDC’s primary focus is on neighbourhoods facing a variety of socio-economic challenges.

While the ECDC exists for the whole of Edmonton, our current priorities are urban core neighbourhoods, notably McCauley and Boyle Street, Eastwood, Alberta Avenue, as well as Fraser in the North East.

Each of these neighbourhoods have active community leagues and local groups and associations that are working on strengthening their area of town through neighbourhood revitalization efforts, crime and safety initiatives, business development, and more. Some of these neighbourhoods are home to intractable social issues like poverty, homelessness, youth gangs, various safety concerns and a higher than average incidence of social housing, empty lots, boarded up homes and businesses.

The Edmonton CDC exists to work with area residents and stakeholders to undertake neighbourhood development that is aligned with the aspirations of the people living and working in neighbourhoods.

Our purpose, vision of the future and the principles that guide our work

It's all about neighbourhood economic development in partnership with residents

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