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Alberta Avenue District

Ward: 7    Population: 19,136

Alberta Avenue District Neighbourhoods
Alberta Avenue, Cromdale. Eastwood. Parkdale. Spruce Avenue, Westwood

The Edmonton CDC is working in the District on the ArtsCommon 118 project.


Key Demographics from the 2016 Census for District show that:

  • The District is home to 19,136 people of Edmonton’s population of 899,457. In 2011 the respective populations were 20,310 and 812,201 show the District with a negative growth rate of 9.04% to Edmonton (10.74%) comparatively.
  • 41.3% of immigrants to the District are from Asia, 11% are from Europe and 24.8% are from other parts of the world. Indigenous populations in the area make up 1.21% of the population.
  • The most common unofficial languages are Cantonese (6.65%) and French (2.8%). Also spoken are Tagalog (4.23%), Spanish (4.76%), Ukrainian (4.23%), Arabic (29.88%) and Indigenous languages (1.2% Cree).
  • In the District about 5.60 % were unemployed, and 4.30% were employed part-time, compared to Edmonton overall in which 3.70 % were unemployed, and 4.60% were employed part-time. The 2011 Census, revealed that 5.37% of the population in the district claimed to be unemployed and 5.60% worked part-time. These point to an overall economic improvement in the area, supporting the notion of a community in transition.
  • Alberta Avenue District has a far higher rate than the city of High School Graduation (or equivalent) as the highest education received – 22.88% compared with the city average of 17.5%. However, achievement of a college or university diploma/degree drops for the District showing 13.99%, compared with 17.6%. Certificates in trades are also lower, 4.31% compared with 17.6%. This indicates that more youth in this district do not seek higher education for better paying jobs.
  • The top sectors of employment are construction (11.53% vs Edmonton at 9%), accommodation and food services (10.06% vs Edmonton at 6.5%), healthcare and social assistance (9.81%), transportation and housing (6%), professional, scientific, technical and management (4,46%) and educational services (4.21%). In Edmonton overall, the top employment sectors are sales and services (23%), business, finance and administration (17%) and trades, transport and equipment operations (17%). The data indicates a higher incidence of lower paying jobs as well as seasonal jobs in Alberta Avenue District than across the city as a whole.
  • “Trends 2018” produced by the Edmonton Social Planning Council, points out that 82,400 women in Edmonton earn below living wage; by extrapolation, this data infers that female workers in the Alberta Avenue district similarly earn lower incomes.
  • The average individual income in Alberta Avenue District is approximately $32,564 and the median income is $26,385, compared with the city averages of $46,571 and $35,363, respectively. Household incomes indicate a significant deviance from city averages as well. Household average and median income of $60,825 and $52,911, compared to city averages of $90,340 and $72,248, respectively. Nearly 17% of Alberta Avenue’s households earn under $30,000 per year, compared to 12.7% of Edmonton households.
  • More people rent than own in Alberta Avenue area with statistics showing that an average of 36% rent where respectively 29% of Edmontonians rent their home overall.
  • While rental vacancy rates are 11.6% in the neighborhood vs 7% citywide, and rents have gone down by 2.4% vs 3.6% in the city, turnover rates are more stable in Alberta Avenue at 26.3% compared to a rate of 34.6% throughout Edmonton.
  • Affordable accommodation is in demand in the district. A study on market housing and affordability1 revealed there is a demand of 157 units for household with income from $30,000 – $59,000 and a lack of supply of 180 units for households with incomes between $0 -$29,000 in the area.
  • At the same time, the five schools (Spruce Avenue, Delton, St. Alphonse, St- Gerard and Norwood) in the district show a 65% increase in enrollment since 2009, indicating the desire of families to locate in the District.


Building Great Neighbourhoods in Alberta Avenue

Alberta Avenue – Eastwood Area Redevelopment Plan

Alberta Avenue Revitalization

ArtsCommon – 118th Avenue

Zoning: CB2 (General Business Zone)

These properties are where the Edmonton CDC intends on building ArtsCommon 118. The land within the red borders is city land donated to the CDC and the land framed by yellow was purchased by the Edmonton CDC in order to scale up the AC 118 project. 


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