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Ward: 7    Population: 4,015


Ward: Ward 7,  2016 Census: Total Population 63,048

Neighbourhood Demographics and Other Information:

57.31% of Eastwood residents are Canadian citizens compared with the City of Edmonton as whole,  which is at 60.65%

Approximately 50% of the Eastwood residents speak only English at home, with French (1.95%) and Cantonese (1.37) as next most frequently spoken.  Approximately 47% of Edmonton residents speak English only at home.

24.05% of Eastwood residents have a high school diploma or equivalent and 20% of residents have some form of post secondary education whereas the City of Edmonton reports 20.44% of total population with high school diploma or equivalent and 41.09% with some form of post secondary education.

21.34% of Eastwood residents are employed 30+ hours per week and approximately 34% of residents earn less than $60,000 per year; 9% of residents earn between $60,000 and $100,000 per year, and approximately 3%  residents earn over $100,000 per year.

The largest employment sector for Eastwood residents is the construction sector (9.9%) with the next largest sector being accommodation and food services at 8.64%. For the City of Edmonton as a whole, comparative numbers are 10.85% of the population being employed in the health care and social assistance sector (largest sector of employment) with the next largest sector of employment in construction at 9.21%.

The Eastwood neighbourhood population in the 2012 Municipal Census was 4,065. Therefore in 6 years the neighbourhood’s population has remained fairly constant compared to the City of Edmonton’s growth during that same time period of 10%.

The top five 311 requests for the Eastwood neighbourhood are: (1) Untidy Property, (2) Potholes, (3) Abandoned vehicle, (4) Broken Branch Hazardous and (5) Litter Road.

Eastwood Neighbourhood 311 requests can be found at: https://data.edmonton.ca/City-Administration/311-Requests-Top-10-by-Neighbourhood/ahas-jskd

Eastwood Neighbourhood 2016 Municipal Census report: https://www.edmonton.ca/city_government/documents/census/Summary%20Report%20of%20All%20Questions_EASTWOOD_2016.pdf

Eastwood Neighbourhood 2016 Municipal Census demographic details in visualizations check out this webpage and choose the neighbourhood:  http://ace.edmonton.ca/projects/visualizations/2016-census-neighbourhood-profiles/

Eastwood Neighbourhood Area Structure Plan (it is combined with Alberta Ave): https://www.edmonton.ca/city_government/documents/plans_in_effect/Alberta_Ave_Eastwood_ARP_Consolidation.pdf

Avenue Initiative Revitalization:



Keep up to date on the Eastwood Neighbourhood: https://www.edmonton.ca/residential_neighbourhoods/neighbourhoods/eastwood.aspx  


Crime mapping: http://crimemapping.edmontonpolice.ca/

Eastwood Community League: https://www.eastwoodcommunity.org/

Fun stuff – Check out the Edmonton Public Library blog for most popular music, video games and books for Ward 7. https://www.epl.ca/blogs/post/edmonton-ward-profiles/#ward7

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