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Ward: 6    Population: Approx. 5000

General Information:

  • Single Adults make up 50% of the neighbourhood (City average is: 32%)
  • McCauley has an older population than the city average, with 40% being between 40 and 59 years of age (28% City average) and 21% being 60 years of age or over (16% City average)
  • 26% are married or common-law (City average is: 54%)
  • 28% of households are single parent families (18% City average)
  • 60% are 1- person households compared to 29% City average
  • 40% of households have an income of under $30,000 compared to the City average of 18%
  • 32% of the population are of East and Southeast Asian Origins (City average: 12%) and 13% are of Indigenous origins, compared to the city average of 5%.
  • 51% of dwellings were built before 1960, compared to the city average of 18%
  • 72% live in rental accommodation (City Average; 35%)
  • Highest level of Education in McCauley is consistently below that of the city average, with 39% having No Certificate, Diploma or Degree, twice the rate of the city average. 23% have a college or equivalent certificate, diploma or degree, compared to the city average of 47%.

Reports and Links

McCauley Demographic Profile

McCauley Neighbourhood Housing Profile

Boyle McCauley Area Redevelopment Plan

ACE – “Startup” Neighbourhood – This neighbourhood is a “Startup” participant in Abundant Community Edmonton program. https://www.edmonton.ca/programs_services/for_communities/abundant-community-edmonton.aspx

Edmonton CDC Land in McCauley

Current Zoning: DC1 (lots 23-28). RA7 (lot 22), RA7 (BLK.T)

Current Zoning: DC1

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