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CDC Land Assets

To assist the Edmonton CDC in its development work, the City of Edmonton committed to donating parcels of land valued at $10 million. Currently approximately $8 million has been, or is in the process of being, transferred to the Edmonton CDC. As well the Edmonton CDC has purchased 5 lots of land for the ArtsCommon 118 project.

Alberta Avenue

ArtsCommon – 118th Avenue

Zoning: CB2 (General Business Zone)

These properties are where the Edmonton CDC intends on building ArtsCommon 118. The land within the red borders is city land donated to the CDC and the land framed by yellow was purchased by the Edmonton CDC in order to scale up the AC 118 project. 



McCauley 95th Street Sites

Zoning: DC1 (lots 23-28) RA7 (lot 22) RA7 (BLK.T)

Site 22 is a building currently used for storage. The CDC is currently undecided as to whether or not this building will continue to be used for storage or repurposed or demolished and added to the capital development of its adjacent sites.

Sites 23-28 have been used as a community garden. The CDC hopes to commence neighbourhood conversations about what to do on these lots.

BLK. T is currently a laydown site for the City. This lot could be a part of the development on Sites 23-28 or be used for a different purpose.

Once a land contract with the City is in place, the Edmonton CDC has four years to take possession. Delaying taking possession allows the CDC to avoid the expense of property taxes and maintenance/upkeep. Until such time we take possession, the city is responsible for the land.


26th Street and just South of 149th Avenue

Zoning: RF5 Row Housing

This parcel is 1.5 acres (65,327 square feet). Located on the East side of 26th Street and just South of 149th Avenue, this site exists in the geographic area where United Way’s Communities United is active. The Edmonton CDC acquired this land to work with residents and stakeholders involved in Communities United. Conversations will begin in late 2018 and engagement will expand into 2019. The zoning allows medium density housing.


77nd Street and South of 119th Avenue

Zoning: RA9

Located on both sides of 77nd Street and South of 119th Avenue, these parcels of land are zoned RA9 which allows for the construction of high rise apartments.  Block 9 covers 35,777 square feet and  consists of empty lots. Block 10  covers 31,215 square feet and Block 9 (16,100 Square feet) have some homes/structures.

These lots are to the East of 76 Street and South of 120th Street. Previous used for overflow parking for Coliseum events, this parcel is currently paved and zoned DC2

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