10727 93 Street - McCauley

Front-to-back Duplex



Date Purchased: September 10, 2020


Property History: Previously owned by Carmen Pervez. AHS orders for Unfit for Human Habitation with the requirement of environmental testing for mould and asbestos were issued for the following reasons:

    Asbestos concerns as buildings built prior to 1970 and under repair which may disturb materials that could cause harm to the public;

    Possible water leaking behind the walls;

    Enormity of the contraventions;

    The properties were vacant;

    A repair order and an unfit for human habitation order is the same;


Rezoning Plans: Currently the property is zoned for (RA7) Low Rise Apartment Zone

We are hoping to get it rezoned (DC2) Site Specific Development Control Provision

Rezoning would allow for the development of family-oriented, small scale semi-detached dwellings up to 10 m in height with basement suites.

This would include:

• Duplex Housing

• Multi-unit Housing

• Secondary Suites

• Semi-Detached Housing


Project Plans: Front/Back Duplex