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Pre-Register for the 2022 Spring Social Enterprise Bootcamp

Pre-Register for the 2022 Spring Social Enterprise Bootcamp

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Posted 09/06/21

Our fourth Social Enterprise Bootcamp

is scheduled for the Spring of 2022 

Quick Links:

SE Boot Camp Course Calendar and Course Outline
FREE Online Introduction to Social Enterprise
Meet your instructor, Anna Bubel (Short Video) or watch below


The Edmonton CDC is pleased to announce that the next edition of our intensive, online Social Enterprise Bootcamp workshop series will take place beginning in March, 2020.

Bootcamp offers a practical introduction to the field of social enterprise where innovators use the tools of business to achieve social change.  Participants explore social enterprise as a means of addressing serious social or environmental challenges.  By applying the resources offered through bootcamp, participants test the mission, financial, operational and market viability of their social enterprise concepts.  The focus is on learning by doing – the direct application of key business concepts and skills to the modelling of a fictitious social enterprise.


  • Bootcamp enables participants to both understand the conceptual and practical considerations associated with social enterprise.   Participants will be able to:
  • Describe a conceptual framework for social entrepreneurship;
  • Explore how enterprises around the world have used business opportunities to achieve social, economic and environmental missions;
  • Contrast and compare social enterprises, for-profit ventures and non-profit programs at the level of mission, strategy, culture, management, and impact;
  • Understand the range of organizational and legal options available to social entrepreneurs; andIdentify the sources of financing, investment and grant making options available to social entrepreneurs.

SE Boot Camp Course Calendar and Course Outline

2022 Dates: March 2, 9, 16, 23, 30 – April 6, 13, 20, and May 11 and 18

Pre-Register – Get on the wait list – no payment required

“Bootcamp pushed me out of my comfort zone and helped me develop new skills to take my social enterprise ideas to the next level.”

—Paula, 2020 Bootcamp participant

Thinking about attending Social Enterprise Bootcamp, but not sure if it’s right for you?

Check out our five-minute “Meet the Instructor” video below to learn about the Bootcamp from Instructor Anna Bubel:

About Social Enterprise Bootcamp 

The Edmonton CDC invites you to test the financial, operational, and market viability of your social enterprise concept.

At Social Enterprise Bootcamp, our focus is on turning hard work into actual results through applying core business concepts and skills to modelling your Social Enterprise in the real world.  

Workshop leader and experienced social entrepreneur, Anna Bubel, will lead participants in learning through interactive presentations, small-group discussions, guest lectures, tutoring, and a whole lot of independent learning.  

Within twelve weeks, participants will be fully prepared to write a feasibility study and investigate opportunities for financing their social enterprise!

“Social Enterprise Bootcamp was the best (and most intense) ten weeks I’ve spent thinking about the viability of my enterprise.” 

—Yasushi, 2020 Bootcamp participant

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