Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy establishes rules to govern the collection, use, and disclosure of personal information collected by Edmonton Community Development Company. (the “Company”) in the course of business, in compliance with federal and provincial privacy laws, including the Canada Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act (PIPEDA), Alberta’s Personal Information Protection Act, and British Columbia’s Personal Information Protection Act.

This Privacy Policy applies to all individuals whose personal information the Company collects, uses, or discloses in providing services, including the services offered on our website and clients of the Company. Our policy only discloses your personal information as required or authorized by law or as otherwise set out in this policy.

We reserve the right to change this policy from time to time as industry practice, the law, and our procedures in this area may change from time to time. We will post the current version of this policy at:

This Privacy Policy governs Edmonton Community Development Company. And its subsidiaries. Edmonton Community Development Company, “we,” “us,” and similar terms used throughout this Privacy Policy refer to Edmonton Community Development Company. And its subsidiaries. Edmonton Community Development Company may amend this Privacy Policy from time to time. 

For this Privacy Policy, “personal information” means information about an identifiable individual. Still, it does not include a person’s name, title, business address, or telephone number as an employee of an organization. This Privacy Policy states that a list of items is “including.” The described lists are examples and not exhaustive or exclusive.

This Privacy Policy applies to all personal information collected, used, or disclosed by the Company. The Company has designated a Privacy Officer to be accountable for the operation of this Privacy Policy. Individuals may question or report any privacy concerns, breaches, violations, or compliance issues to the Company’s Privacy Officer at the address indicated below.

Suppose the policies and procedures outlined in this document do not address a specific situation. We advise individuals to contact the Company’s Privacy Officer for guidance or clarification.

The Company collects and uses only the personal information that we need for providing services and operating our business. Generally, the Company collects the following personal information from individuals for the various purposes set out below:

  • name,
  • email address,
  • address,
  • invoices,
  • preferences,
  • video and audio collected, accessed or streamed via services offered by the Company,
  • payment history,
  • financial information
  • credit card number,
  • bank information,
  • comments, and
  • position data, location information accessed or collected through GPS services offered by the Company.

It is essential to have accurate information about you. We collect your personal information to:

  • Establish your identity,
  • Understand your needs for, and determine your suitability for, products and services,
  • Manage the Company’s business and operations, including customer relationships and matters,
  • Meet legal and regulatory requirements;
  • Better understand an individual’s interests in our services,
  • Deliver, develop, enhance or improve products and services,
  • As is necessary for contemplation of a business transaction, and
  • Protect you and us from error and fraud, including verifying your identity to:
  • Notify you of Company and third party new products and services, special offers, Company events, and general industry information
  • Adhere to applicable legal requirements

We usually collect information directly from our clients. We may collect your information from other persons with your consent or as authorized by law. Before or at the time of collecting personal information, we identify the data’s purposes. We will not notify volunteered personal details. If we wish to use or disclose your information for a new purpose not included in this policy, we will notify you and seek your consent.

The Company will only use your information for the purposes outlined above under “Why do we collect personal information about you?”. We will not disclose your personal information to any third party, except as set out below.

Our service providers/subsidiaries in Canada and the United States collect, use or disclose your personal information for the following purposes:

  • data storage services,
  • marketing services, including the notification of new products and services special offers, some customer support services,

Whenever we engage a third-party service provider to work for us, we confirm that its privacy and security standards meet our requirements.

Upon request received by the Company in writing, individuals shall be informed of the existence, use, and disclosure of their information records and be given access to that information. Requests to access personal data held by the Company should be directed to the Company’s Privacy Officer.

Requests must be made in writing or by e-mail. Individuals may be required to verify their identity to access their personal information. Any such documentation provided shall be used for verification purposes only.

A fee for reasonable costs incurred may be charged when responding to more complex requests. The individual will be informed of the applicable fee.

The Company will be as specific as possible when describing third parties to whom it has disclosed personal information about an individual. When it is not possible to provide a list of the organizations to which it has disclosed information, the Company will provide a list of organizations to which it is likely to have disclosed information.

Individuals are permitted to view the original record or request a copy, subject to limitations as permitted or required by law. To preserve the integrity of the record and ensure that documents are not removed from the Company, individuals wishing to view an original record will do so at the Company’s head office and under the supervision of designated Company personnel.

Personal information shall be kept as accurate, complete, and up-to-date as necessary for the purposes for which it is to be used.

Individuals have the right to challenge the accuracy and completeness of the personal information that is maintained by the Company and have it amended as appropriate.

Individuals seeking a correction or amendment to their personal information should direct their requests in writing to the Company’s Privacy Officer.

If the individual is not satisfied with the results of the request, the Company shall internally document the issue and respond. The existence of the unresolved challenge will be transmitted to third parties, as appropriate.

Personal information will be retained only as long as necessary and will be disposed of in a manner that is appropriate to the sensitivity of the information. We render clients’ personal information non-identifying or destroy records containing personal information once the information is no longer needed. We use appropriate security measures when destroying clients personal information, including shredding paper records and permanently deleting electronic records.

Personal information will be protected by security safeguards, appropriate to the sensitivity of the personal information.

We will notify the Office of the Information and Privacy Commissioner of Alberta, without delay, of a security breach affecting personal information if it creates a real risk of significant harm to individuals.

The Company will only refuse access to information about you in those circumstances permitted or required by applicable privacy legislation.

If the Company refuses to provide access to information, it will provide you with the reasons for its refusal upon request. Exceptions may include information that contains references to or opinions of other individuals, information that cannot be disclosed for legal, security, or commercial proprietary reasons, or information that is subject to solicitor-client or litigation privilege. The Company will respond to your requests for access in accordance with applicable privacy legislation.

There are exceptions where we may collect, use or disclose personal information without consent when required or permitted by law.

Should legal action compel us to release information (e.g., statutory reporting obligation, search warrant, court order, bankruptcy or insolvency proceedings, etc.). In certain circumstances, by law, to collect, use or disclose information without the consent of the individual concerned. For example, we may disclose personal information without consent for emergency use that threatens the individual’s life, health, or security or when collecting unpaid amounts owed or owing to us.

The browsing details include the date, time, browser type, name of the users’ Internet service provider. This site referred the visitor to us for any requested pages, the navigation history, and the visitor’s IP address. The preceding information does not generally contain anything that can identify users personally. If you object to this information gathering, you should not use or access our web pages. We use this information for our internal security audit log, trend analysis, and system administration to gather broad demographic information about our user base for aggregate use. The data collected may be shared with third parties to provide services to us or analyze, store or aggregate the information.

Each time you provide any personal information such as your name, address, telephone number, or other identifying information to us through our web pages, you consent to collecting, using, and disclosing this personal information by this Privacy Policy. We treat and safeguard personal data collected through our web pages the same way as personal information through other means, such as customer contracts.

Our web pages may employ the use of “cookies.” A “cookie” is a small line of data that is sent to your Internet browser from a web server and stored on your computer’s hard drive. Cookies can track how and when you use a site and which you visited immediately before. A cookie does not damage your system and identifies your browser, not you personally. We use cookies to identify which areas of our network you have visited, so those pages may be readily accessible the next time you visit. If you do not wish to receive a cookie, please set the options in your web browser accordingly. Although such changes to your web browser may provide you with enhanced anonymity, they make it very difficult to offer you customized services.

To the extent that our websites contain links to other sites, the owners of those sites are responsible for the privacy practices or content of those other sites. We do not endorse and will not be liable for the privacy practices on third-party websites.

Ordinarily, we ask for consent to collect, use or disclose personal information, except in specific circumstances where collection, use, or disclosure without consent is authorized or required by law. We may assume your consent in cases where you volunteer information for an obvious purpose.

You may withdraw consent to the use and disclosure of personal information at any time unless the personal data is necessary for us to fulfill our reasonable business or legal obligations. We will respect your decision, but we may not provide you with certain products and services if we do not have the necessary personal information.

The purpose for collecting personal information is in this policy. The Company shall obtain any necessary consents before collecting, using, or disclosing personal information.

We ask for your express consent for some purposes. We may not be able to provide certain services if you are unwilling to consent to the collection, use, or disclosure of certain personal information. Where express consent is needed, we will generally ask clients to provide their support orally (in person, by telephone), in writing (by signing a consent form), or electronically (by clicking a button). In cases that do not involve sensitive personal information, we may rely on “opt-out” consent.

We shall limit the amount and type of personal information collected by the Company to fulfill the identified purpose. Personal data shall only be used or disclosed for the purposes it is collected. Exceptions with the individual’s consent or if authorized or required by law.

We will send personal information collected by the Company or on behalf of the Company to the Company’s head office in Edmonton. It will be subject to the laws of Canada.

If you are not satisfied with the response from our Privacy Officer after making a complaint, you may have recourse to additional remedies under applicable privacy legislation. For further information, please contact the Federal Privacy Commissioner or your provincial Privacy Commissioner, as applicable.

If you have a question or concern about any collection, use or disclosure of personal information by the Company, or would like to request access to your own personal information, please contact us here.