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Last Project Update: September 26, 2018

Research Update

September 26, 2018

CDC research was undertaken when the ECDC business case was developed in 2016 and this two pager on the Edmonton CDC provides some information about what other CDCs have done in North America.

But we want to go a bit deeper and wider to expand our understanding of things like:

  • The extent to which CDC’s in Canada and the US are able to become self-sustaining, meaning no longer relying on operating grants, and why those that do become self-sustaining are able to do so when so many are not.

  • The types of CDC developments that are most successful in achieving impact and being self-sustaining, and why.

  • The productive relationships that exist in other jurisdictions between CDCs and governments as well as private sector entities like financial institutions, conventional developers, and equity investors.

  • Best and emerging practice about effective, authentic community engagement, including the use of technology to engage stakeholders.

  • The various roles that CDCs play and how they add value to communities, roles like builder, connector, capacity builder, business developer, trainer, operator, and on.
This research will serve as a touchstone for us going forward as we roll out our strategic plan and do our business planning for 2019. We will publish our findings here.

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