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Exploring Tiny Homes

Neighbourhood: Exploring Tiny Homes   Timeline: September - December 2019

Last Project Update: August 9, 2019

Are you interested in living in a tiny home?

August 9, 2019

If you are interested in attending a meeting with the Edmonton CDC and others who share your interest in tiny homes, you can sign up to be notified of the meeting by clicking here. You might also want to read a short blog we wrote.

Tiny homes used be more of an oddity than a topic that held wide interest. In the last decade or so, tiny homes have been built to accommodate people who are homeless  as well as serving as an alternative to conventional housing. They seem to appeal to people who want to decrease their environmental footprint, de-clutter their lives, as well as decrease their expenses.

Tiny homes come in many different forms and reflect the ingenuity of the people who design and build them. Most are wood frame construction, but there are also tiny homes that are converted RVs, Yurts, re-purposed buses, A-frame cabins, sea-cans, and on. See images below.

Although there is no set definition of what a tiny home is, they tend to be dwellings that are less than 500 square feet. Their foot print allows for locating  three or four on a conventional city lot, serving as a more affordable alternative to a four-plex. They can be built on a concrete pad and lend themselves to alternative ways to heat, power, and address water needs.

There are numerous tiny home communities in North America and they tend to be more prevalent in warmer climes. Tiny homes in Edmonton would require more attention to winterizing than a similar tiny home in Arizona, for example.

You will find a few tiny homes in Edmonton, though to be honest I am not sure if they are “legal.” While a tiny home does qualify as a “dwelling” according to zoning definitions, it is safe to say, we think, that zoning could be friendlier to allow for permanent tiny homes to be built in the city.

We would like to work collaboratively with the City to create opportunities for the development of tiny home communities. We currently have one parcel of land that might be a good location. It’s four acres so it could accommodate a phased approach to building such a community, and there is enough space to allow for a common building, garden space, and parking.

The meeting we are invited folks to is an exploratory, let’s get to know one another type of meeting. We will not be making any kind of pitch to participants. Instead we want to begin conversations wtih people, learn from others, and see what possibilities might be fostered together.

So, please sign up if interested at the link at the top of this posting.


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