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McCauley Development on the Paskin Site

Neighbourhood: McCauley   Timeline: 2019-2020

Last Project Update: February 11, 2019

McCauley Concept Design Team Now Active

February 11, 2019

Engagement is underway to identify design options for the McCauley Paskin Site, located on six lots of land on 95 Street just north of 106 Avenue – see diagram below.

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Zoning: DC1 (lots 23-28)   

A McCauley Design Team is working with the Edmonton CDC to identify 3 or 4 design concepts which will be shared with the neighbourhood over the summer at various community events and gatherings. The team is made up of local residents business people, with Karen Gingras, the ECDC’s Director of Neighbourhood Development.

The general purpose of RA7 is to provide a zone for Low Rise Apartments. Within this general purpose are the following permitted uses

a)       Single Detached Housing

b)       Secondary Suite, with not more than one Sleeping Unit

c)       Minor Home Based Business

d)       Limited Group Homes

e)       Fascia On-premises Signs

The Edmonton CDC will be receiving other lands in McCauley. To see what those properties are as well as other properties coming to us, click HERE.


Boyle McCauley Area Redevelopment Plan

Stay tuned for more info.

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