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The Fraser Land – Imagination Abounds

The Fraser Land – Imagination Abounds

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Posted 17/07/19

Posting by Karen Gingras, Director of Neighbourhood Development

Having been raised on a small farm in northeastern Alberta, I associate vacant land with fields that produce food for people and animals. Oddly enough, the land in Fraser has always been a field. Houses were built around it, yet the land remained vacant even after the City of Edmonton took ownership in the 1980’s.

For many of us, it is hard to imagine vacant land as more than a field.  Yet in Fraser, imagination abounds. Community members have shared many ideas and it is especially exciting to read suggestions from youth.

The attached document lists the recommendations received through emails (names withheld) and at community engagement sessions. As you browse the list,  certain themes will evolve. For example, a spray park is often cited as a desirable addition to the community. Fortunately, the Fraser Community League is planning to build such a park and people are encouraged to offer their support to the League.

Community members have identified a variety of possibilities for land, including housing, a play ground, coffee shop, community gardens, a greenhouse, and a community space for young and old alike to gather. Some have interest in living spaces for seniors or other forms of housing; others want to see some retail or mixed use development; and a few have fond memories of the bowling alley that was once located in the neighbourhood and wonder about its inclusion on the land. The next challenge will be to create sketches that represent the themes arising from all of the ideas.

A few ideas are below but feel free to download a PDF of all the ideas we have collected so far. Also below is an image of identifying what some community members don’t want to see developed; that image is also in the PDF

On August 24, join us for a party on the land to check out the sketches and to let us know how you feel about the suggestions. If you wish to attend, drop me a line at

The Edmonton CDC values a diversity of opinion, which means community members are not always in agreement. Our job is to work with the community to discuss disparate ideas and work with members to co-create a common path forward.

Download the PDF

For more information about our Fraser initiative or other ECDC projects, click here.

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