Rejuvenated commercial hub at the heart of Little Italy

By Erica Marie

Often described as a hidden gem in Edmonton, Little Italy offers some of the best pizzas and coffee you can find in the city. You are welcomed to a culture-rich and diverse community when you enter the charming green, white, and red arch. 

Zocalo, a flower and garden centre, provides refuge from the city and makes you pause as you linger through their greenery. You might even end up finding a treasure or two in their little gift shop. A few steps down, you will be sure to find the most authentic and best-value ingredients at the Italian Centre, known for its European deli with the widest selection of cheeses, meats, and antipasti. 


This quaint part of town is where people know each other, and businesses greet their customers by name. Friends and neighbours meet in coffee shops like Spinelli’s or outdoors in the vibrant Giovanni Caboto Park. Here in McCauley, you will find a strong sense of community as residents are involved and passionate about their neighbourhood.  


The formation of the McCauley Development Co-operative is a testament to this, as the residents of McCauley came together and raised $1.1 million in six weeks to purchase and revitalize a problem strip mall. Now known as The Piazza, this commercial property is welcoming community-minded tenants to the 10,000 sqft single-story mall. 

The Edmonton Community Development Company (ECDC) played a significant role in facilitating the creation of the Co-operative and supporting their efforts to obtain the investment required to purchase the mall. The initiative was a massive success as community members reached out to their circle of influence with administrative support from ECDC.


Click here to listen to how the residents managed to take ownership of this problematic strip mall in this seven-episode podcast.  

Share in the success of businesses like Zocalo and Spinelli’s and be part of the McCauley community by placing your business at the heart of Little Italy. Spaces are available for businesses such as artisan craft markets, single-stall vendors, restaurants, cafes, bookstores, microbreweries, bakeries and gift shops.

Little Italy is more than a collection of shops but a cultural experience. The McCauley Development Co-operative partnered with a local real estate company, AICRE, and is searching for the next business to add to this rejuvenated commercial hub.


For more leasing information, click here. 

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