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About the Edmonton CDC

The Edmonton Community Development Company is a non-profit organization devoted to working with inner city neighbourhoods in the areas of economic development, job training and creation, affordable housing, social infrastructure (e.g. child care centres, community kitchens and gardens) and other development that will add value to the socio-economic lives of area residents.

Although discussed for years, the ECDC got legs at the Mayor’s Taskforce to Eliminate Poverty, in particular at the Task Force’s Working Group on Housing and Transportation, which recommended its creation and to the Task Force and was met with unanimous endorsement.

Long-term funding and parcels of land value at approximately $10 million have been provided by the City of Edmonton and other funding came in from the Edmonton Community Foundation, Homeward Trust, United Way of the Alberta Capital Region, and the Stollery Charitable Foundation.

While the Edmonton CDC began its work in 2017, it did not hire its executive director, Mark Holmgren, until early January 2018.

The Edmonton CDC is a non-profit Part 9 company.

About our logo:

The base icon is a combination of 3 elements. A graphic geometric infinity symbol, a tree as well as a graphic representation of a community and the lines that roads make on a graphical map.

The symbol represents “a change process” and the relationship between Edmonton CDC and the communities we serve and the cyclical nature of community development which includes renewal, innovating, maturing, and when necessary, tearing down.

While the logo is meant to imply movement, it also represents strength, shelter & growth, The shapes are divided into coloured sections that symbolize various aspects of a project, the players involved, groups etc. Although subtle the divisions also give the impression of a neighbourhood map.



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