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Market Research re: ArtsCommon 118’s Black Box

Posted by: Mark Holmgren / September 10, 2019

This summer, Edmonton CDC has been furthering its community engagement work for ArtsCommon 118 in the Alberta Avenue District – this time specifically with Edmonton’s performing community. A tip of the hat to Katherine Kerr for her work on this project. The need for a performance venue has been at the heart of the community’s…

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Neighbourhood Opportunity Development Co-ops

Posted by: Mark Holmgren / September 05, 2019

One thing we have noticed in our community engagement work in neighbourhoods is how incredibly committed and passionate residents and local business owners are about the neighbourhoods in which they live, work, and play. People want to see development in their area of town that aligns with their collective aspirations and needs, and it is…

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Are you interested in living in a tiny home?

Posted by: Mark Holmgren / August 01, 2019

There is a lot of hub-bub about tiny homes. Whether built on wheels or on land as a permanent (though easily moveable structure), tiny homes have become a low-cost, environmentally friendly way to live frugally, with less stuff and clutter, and tiny homes have a certain cool factor. While city zoning and bylaws may not…

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The Fraser Land – Imagination Abounds

Category: Community Development, Category: Fraser
Posted by: Mark Holmgren / July 17, 2019

Posting by Karen Gingras, Director of Neighbourhood Development Having been raised on a small farm in northeastern Alberta, I associate vacant land with fields that produce food for people and animals. Oddly enough, the land in Fraser has always been a field. Houses were built around it, yet the land remained vacant even after the…

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Edmonton CDC Launches Engagement Consultancy

Category: ArtsCommon 118, Category: Community Engagement, Category: Fraser, Category: McCauley
Posted by: Mark Holmgren / March 26, 2019

The Edmonton CDC does not charge neighbourhoods for community engagement work on its projects, but there are groups who have inquired about us offering community engagement on a fee basis. We are already in discussions with a few groups interested in this assistance and we have decided to create this consultancy to bring our style…

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Community Engagement Matters

Category: Community Development, Category: Community Engagement, Category: Fraser, Category: McCauley
Posted by: Mark Holmgren / March 12, 2019

posting by Karen Gingras There are various strategies for involving people in land development and at the Edmonton Community Development Company, we are taking instruction from people who reside in neighbourhoods to create effective community engagement. For example, while data provides us with valuable information, understanding a neighbourhood’s history and culture is often best sourced…

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What is “People First Community Development”?

Posted by: Mark Holmgren / December 03, 2018

The Edmonton CDC is committed to People First Community Development, which means we are committed to People First Community Engagement. It is so fundamental to our work that it is the tagline in our logo. Here is what that term means to us and our work in Edmonton neighbourhoods. Development is always about people Whether…

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Rethinking Homeless Shelters

Category: Community Development, Category: Homelessness, Category: Poverty
Posted by: Mark Holmgren / December 01, 2018

There has been a lot of press lately about homeless people camping in the river valley. You can read a few articles here and here. The City of Edmonton is undertaking a study on alternative ways to provide interim housing to the homeless that would serve as an alternative to camping rough and lessen the…

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Artist Views on ArtsCommon 118

Posted by: Mark Holmgren / November 16, 2018

As part of our community engagement activities regarding ArtsCommon 118, we undertook two focus groups with 18 Artists. Fourteen filled out an assessment form that asked for their “happiness” ranking on 10 key program elements of the project. In aggregate for all ten elements, the happiness rate was 79%; 19% offered “neutral” rankings and only…

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Tired of Litter and Garbage in Your Neighbourhood ? There’s An App For That!

Posted by: Karen Gingras / November 12, 2018

Most weekday mornings I like to go for a walk along Jasper Avenue (east side) or down a set of stairs to Rowland Road and on to the trails in Riverdale or Dawson Park. Seeing the litter pile up along the wooden staircase to Rowland Road or beside every bench that was meant to be…

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Living Wage IN a Livable Economy

Category: Livable Economy, Category: Living Wage, Category: Poverty
Posted by: Mark Holmgren / November 02, 2018

In Edmonton, approximately 140,000 workers are identified as low income earners (earning below $16.31 per hour), according to the Edmonton Social Planning Council (source, page 79). Four in five of these workers are over the age of 20 and 60% are women. The Canadian Payroll Association’s annual survey of Canadian workers identifies that in any…

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What We Heard

Posted by: Mark Holmgren / October 18, 2018

This report compiles the feedback from those who attended the ArtsCommon 118 Community Party and Engagement Event on August 29, 2018 and attended our AC 118 booth at the Kaleido Family Arts Festival, September 14-16, 2018. The party/event took place on the land on which ArtsCommon 118 will be built – on either side of…

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